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  • Dave Houghton | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    D ave H o ughton Starting his career as a Flame Artist at The Mill, Dave went on to be a founding member of Mill TV, one of the first facilities specialising in VFX for high-end TV. Over the next 10 years Dave was the overall VFX Supervisor on all their major shows, working from initial development through to final delivery. His capacity to take on challenging VFX work never wavers and with years of on-set experience, along with an incredible eye for detail - Dave is huge asset to any production. Dave has won an Emmy (Alienist), a BAFTA (Dr Who) and an RTS Award (Dr Who). View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Reece Ewing | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    R eece E w ing Reece is an Emmy nominated VFX Producer and Post Production Supervisor with over 20 years experience working across TV, film, music promos and experimental content. His diverse credits and background makes him an astute problem solver and excellent VFX Producer. Reece is charismatic, diplomatic, steadfast and incredibly hard working. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Michelle Rose | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    M ichelle R o se Michelle is a lateral thinker and ingenious VFX Producer who has phenomenal knowledge and expertise of the industry software Shotgun. She’s highly capable, efficient and dynamic, whilst wholly supporting her team and meeting the demands of the studio. Michelle is charismatic, dependable and a fabulous talent. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Anne Akande | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    A nne A k ande A diverse Producer with in-depth knowledge and experience working in VFX, software development, VR, immersive formats and AR applications. Highly experienced at working with senior management, creatives and executives whilst budgeting, winning and producing high-end TV series, interactive experiences, VR walkthroughs, and ad campaigns. A confident team leader with hands on experience setting up shoots and dealings with crew at the forefront of production.Her knowledge is diverse and her producing skills are first rate. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Dan Barrow | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    D an B a rrow Dan left his career as a Cinema Area Manager to join the VFX team on Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets as a PA. He then went on to rise up the ranks on the next 2 Harry Potter films leaving the franchise as VFX Production Manager. Dan has worked in both film and TV and built a stupendous reputation for his meticulous work as a VFX Producer. He is well regarded in the industry for his professionalism, pragmatism and drive. Dan is currently working a the Co-Producer / VFX Producer on the Disney remake of The Little Mermaid. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Clare Buxton | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    C lare B u xton With over 20 years post-production experience Clare has built a phenomenal reputation for delivering complex, VFX heavy, high-end TV series for UK and US studios. Incredibly well-connected, Clare has the resources and expertise to look after every aspect of post from hiring crew, setting up pipelines to mastering the ever-evolving list of broadcast deliverables. A brilliant problem solver, creative, pragmatic, steadfast and hard-working – complemented by a quirky sense of humour and enthusiasm. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • CONTACT | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    Harriet Donington - Agent E: harriet M: +44 (0)7 90 41 89 107 ​ Accounts E: accounts ​ General Enquires & Futures Scheme E: info ​

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  • Stuart Bullen | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    S tuart B u llen With multiple BAFTA and VES nominations Stuart is a brilliant, emerging VFX Supervisor. Honing his trade at Blue-bolt where he s pent 10 years working as an in-house Supervisor, and latterly being loaned out to helm the VFX on behalf of production. Stuart has an incredible eye for detail, enhanced by creatively and unrelenting drive to deliver stunning work. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • POST | The VFX & Post Talent Agency