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  • Stephen Walsh | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    S tephen W a lsh Stephen is a unique and hugely talented Post Production Coordinator. Starting his career as Post Production Runner at Evolutions Television he very quickly got an appreciation of the overall scale and complexity of post. He joined Soho Digital Cinema as a Digital Film Technician, which led him to become a Dailies Operator for Pinewood Studios. Stephen then redirected and became an Assistant Editor which in turn transitioned to the role of in-house VFX Editor working on several epic films. With his varied experience and fantastic interpersonal skills Stephen was well placed to become a brilliant Post Production Coordinator. Combining his skills and experience Stephen is emerging as a rising star. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Roma Van Den Bergh | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    R oma V a n Den Be r gh Roma is a dynamic, experienced, smart, creative VFX Producer and a well-respected member of the VFX community. Her can-do, positive attitude is a steadfast driving force, which has delivered numerous films and TV series. Roma has a vast technical knowledge and is well versed in VFX rebates and finances, seeing it first hand from both the facility and production side. Prior to becoming a VFX Producer Roma was Head of Production and Executive Producer at Pixomondo, The Mill and Rainmaker. Back in the day this incredible trailblazer was also Head of Production at the Jim Henson Creature Shop. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Glenn Kelly | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    G lenn K e lly Working as Head of Production and VFX Producer at The Imaginarium Studios for 5 years, Glenn has been at the forefront of virtual production and motion performance capture. From video games to films, HETV to experimental AR/MR/XR, Glenn has tackled them all. Running the managerial side of business, wrangling shoots, budgets and overhead, multi-tasking across several projects. Glenn is uniquely placed as not only does he have a wealth of virtual production knowledge, but he also has all the attributes of a phenomenal VFX Producer in the making. Technical, astute, creative, hardworking, and ambitious; We predict a very bright future. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • POST | The VFX & Post Talent Agency


  • Dave Houghton | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    D ave H o ughton Starting his career as a Flame Artist at The Mill, Dave went on to be a founding member of Mill TV, one of the first facilities specialising in VFX for high-end TV. Over the next 10 years Dave was the overall VFX Supervisor on all their major shows, working from initial development through to final delivery. His capacity to take on challenging VFX work never wavers and with years of on-set experience, along with an incredible eye for detail - Dave is huge asset to any production. Dave has won an Emmy (Alienist), a BAFTA (Dr Who) and an RTS Award (Dr Who). View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Barney Curnow | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    B arney C u rnow Starting his career as a Photographer and with an acute eye for composition and detail, it was a natural progression for (BAFTA winning) Barney to evolve into a Digital Matte Painter and 2D Artist. Having worked at several leading facilities in various guises and as an independent VFX Supervisor on smaller productions Barney built up an impressive list of credits and gained invaluable experience. Calm, pragmatic, hard-working, meticulous, collaborative, and big-hearted - Barney is a phenomenal VFX Supervisor. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • CONTACT | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    Harriet Donington - Agent E: harriet O: +44 (0)203 149 0065 M: +44 (0)7 90 41 89 107 ​ Karen Payne - Post-Production Advisor E: karen ​ Marsha Jennings - PA & Junior Agent E: marsha ​ General Enquires & Futures Scheme E: info ​ Sam Naismith - Accounts E: accounts ​

  • Carrie Rishel | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    C arrie R i shel With over 19 years of VFX experience Carrie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Coming from a facility background she is well versed in the pressures and nuances of delivering VFX across a spectrum of film and TV. From initial bidding through to final delivery she has been involved at every stage of the VFX process, progressing up the ranks and earning her stripes at several leading London VFX studios. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Eve Bolotova | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    E ve B o lotova Eve is a brilliant VFX Supervisor in the making. Starting her VFX career working as a DIT on short films, evolving quickly to TV drama. Eve then went onto work as a camera department Data Wrangler on the Netflix reality TV show Million Pound Menu, and the Nickelodeon animated TV series Becca’s Bunch. The latter inspired her next move, to become a Junior 2D Compositor in animated TV series. Eve loves being on set and is fascinated by the VFX process. She has a great eye for detail and her VFX knowledge is evolving on a daily basis. Eve would make a fantastic VFX On-Set PA or Junior Data Wrangler. Eve is fluent in Russian and English, with conversational in Mandarin Chinese. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Rob Duffield | VFX Post Talent

    R ob D u ffield Rob’s confident, easy-going nature and accessibility as a team leader has made him a popular choice with editorial and Post Producers. With natural instincts, Rob has a fantastic flair for visual storytelling, as well as an innovative and collaborative approach to creative challenges. Conscientious, diligent, creative and an all-round fabulous chap, Rob is a brilliant emerging Editor who has the ingenuity to make the most of every frame. With several great Editor credits already achieved – we predict a bright future. View CV Check Availability IMDB

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