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The only boutique agency that exclusively 
represents VFX & Post Production HoD’s and crew across film and high-end TV.

As the demand for experienced, technical and creative talent continues to grow our mission is to navigate, nurture and manage careers whilst supplying world-class talent and supporting the next generation. It is our intention to grow and develop our ‘Futures Scheme’ so that’s we can support, mentor and guide the future VFX and post production experts.

The Agency is now providing a VFX and post-production consultancy service across film and HETV. Offering expert VFX and post guidance, delivering best practice breakdowns, budgets, schedules, troubleshooting ideas and  suggesting methodology solutions. Producers and production companies will be better able to provide studios and networks with realistic budgets, schedules for development projects seeking a greenlight. Talent is also on-hand for ad-hoc industry support and guidance in whatever form that might take.

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