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Jean Louis-Autret

VFX Supervisor

Starting in the industry 15 years ago as an Assistant Cameraman, Jean-Louis has always been passionate about creating wellconstructed and beautiful imagery. His interest in visual effects starts when he was working as Focus Puller on films, TV and short form content. Jean-Louis joined the Paris based VFX facility MacGuff as a 2D Artist, and within a few years took on the role as VFX Supervisor. With his combined on-set experience and in-depth knowledge of VFX Jean-Louis made the break production side on the TV series ‘Around the World in 80 Days’. Jean-Louis is hugely ambitious and wants to challenge the norm in France by being an independent VFX Supervisor working on behalf of the production. He is pragmatic, creative, hardworkingand hasagreateyefor detail.

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