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  • Elena Pagliei | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    E lena P a gliei Highly motivated, hardworking, collaborative, coupled with great instinct; Elena is a tour de force. Starting her career in-house Elena worked with some of the best talents in the industry honing and advancing their skills. Jumping production-side on the award-winning Netflix series The Crown, Elena worked across the last 3 series as the VFX Production Manager. Bilingual in English and her native Italian, we truly believe Elena is one to watch. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • HOME | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    The only boutique agency that exclusively represents VFX & Post Production HoD’s and crew across film and high-end TV. As the demand for experienced, technical and creative talent continues to grow our mission is to navigate, nurture and manage careers whilst supplying world-class talent and supporting the next generation. It is our intention to grow and develop our ‘Futures Scheme’ so that’s we can support, mentor and guide the future VFX and post production experts. ​ The Agency is now providing a VFX and post-production consultancy service across film and HETV. Offering expert VFX and post guidance, delivering best practice breakdowns, budgets, schedules, troubleshooting ideas and suggesting methodology solutions. Producers and production companies will be better able to provide studios and networks with realistic budgets, schedules for development projects seeking a greenlight. Talent is also on-hand for ad-hoc industry support and guidance in whatever form that might take. Meet the Talent

  • NEWS | VFX Post Talent

    NEWS SUPACELL streaming on Netflix from 27 June Taylor Tulip-Close (VFX Supervisor) Laura Roderick (VFX Producer) Michael Freedman (VFX Editor) James Barham (Editor Ep 2 / Additional Editor Ep 4&6) Meet The EDITOR - Q&A Fiorella Santaniello (Editor) YOUNG WOMAN AND THE SEA in cinemas from 31 May Carrie Rishel (VFX Producer) Fiona Stuart-Clark (VFX Shotgrid Consultant) THE ART OF VFX: CONSTELLATION interview with Doug Larmour Doug Larmour (VFX Supervisor) ERIC coming soon to Netflix Jean-Louis Autret (VFX Supervisor) THE PENGUIN coming soon to Max Michelle Rose (VFX Producer) PASSENGER streaming on ITVX Fiorella Santaniello (Editor) SILO S1: BAFTA Nominee Joseph Hart Green (Lead VFX Editor) THE CROWN S6: BAFTA Nominee Reece Ewing (VFX Producer) Elena Pagliei (VFX Production Manager) SCOOP streaming on Netflix from 5 April Christopher Wilson (VFX Editor) Kaley Edwards (VFX Producer) DAMSEL streaming on Netflix Alex Belgeonne (Associate VFX Producer) Garry David Frost (Sr VFX Coordinator) THE CREATOR: VES Award Winner Emma Watterson (In-house Executive VFX Producer) RENEGADE NELL streaming on Disney+ from 29 March Anne Akande (VFX Producer) INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE streaming on AMC from May 2024 Glenn Kelly (VFX Producer) CÉSAR AWARD NOMINEE: Le Règne Animal Jean-Louis Autret (VFX Supervisor) THE REGIME coming soon to Sky Atlantic Basia Lalik (Co Producer) Sascha Dhillon (VFX Editor) VES AWARD NOMINEE: Napoleon Sarah Tulloch (VFX Producer) Kaley Edwards (Additional VFX Producer) Jorge Cañada Escorihuela (VFX Consultant) THE VFX & POST TALENT AGENCY EXPANDS ITS EDITOR ROSTER The VFX & Post Talent Agency DAMSEL coming soon to Netflix Alex Belgeonne (Associate VFX Producer) THE VFX & POST TALENT AGENCY celebrates its 3rd year of business! A huge thank you to all our supporters and fabulous clients! BRITISH FILM COMMISSION spotlights 10 emerging UK talents Atem Kuol (Sr VFX Coordinator / Jr VFX Production Manager) ​ LOCKED IN streaming on Netflix Gin Godden (VFX Producer) ​ THE PIGEON TUNNEL streaming on Apple TV+ Oliver Cubbage (On-set VFX Supervisor) ​ THE BUCCANEERS - Streaming on Apple TV+ Jimmy Knowles (VFX Production Supervisor) Emma Watterson (In-house Executive VFX Producer) James Barham (Assembly Editor) Phil Eldridge (VFX Editor) ​ LOKI S2 streaming in Disney+ from 06/10/23 Atem Kuol (VFX Production Coordinator) THE CREATOR streaming on Netflix from 29/9/23 Emma Watterson (In-House Executive VFX Producer) WILDERNESS on PrimeVideo from 15/9/23 Karen Payne (Co Producer). Judi Fleeton (Post Production Supervisor) Rob Duffield ( Editor). WORLD ON FIRE on BBCOne and iPlayer Matthew Sullivan (VFX Producer) TED LASSO - EMMY NOMINATION James Mac (On-Set VFX Supervisor) RED,WHITE & ROYAL BLUE Jakub Chilczuk (Post - VFX Producer) A HAUNTING IN VENICE Gavin Gregory (VFX Producer) THE LITTLE MERMAID Phil Eldridge (Associate Editor) THE WITCHER SEASON 3 David Stephens (VFX Producer) THE VFX & POST TALENT AGENCY LAUNCHES NEW CONSULTANCY SERVICE The VFX & Post Talent Agency THE REGIME Basia Lalik (Co Producer) Sascha Dhillon (VFX Editor) BAFTA NOMINATED: HIS DARK MATERIAL Basia Lalik (Co/ Post Producer) OSCAR WINNER: THE BOY, THE MOLE, THE FOX & THE HORSE Neil Riley (VFX Supervisor) DANCE MONSTER: NOMINATED FOR PGA INNOVATION AWARD 2023 Glenn Kelly (Head of Production) Kaley Edwards (VFX Producer) TED LASSO SEASON 3 James Mac (On Set VFX Supervisor) LOCKWOOD & CO Becky Roberts (VFX Producer) Karen Payne (Post Consultant) THE RIG Stephen Coren (VFX Supervisor) Mark Wellband (VFX Producer) Fiona Stuart-Clark (Production Manager) DANCE MONSTERS Glenn Kelly & Kaley Edwards (VFX Producers) Shantaram Streaming on Apple+ TV Sean Farrow (VFX Supervisor - shoot & prep) The Pentaverate on Netflix Taylor Tulip-Close (VFX Supervisor) The Northman out in cinemas Wendy Garfinkle (VFX Producer) Lisa Renney (VFX Coordinator) 'Morbius' out in cinemas Dan Barrow (VFX Producer Prep & Shoot) Victoria Keeling (VFX Producer Post) Six VFX Supervisors join the agency Televisual Last Night in Soho wins Outstanding Supporting VFX in a Photoreal Feature VES Awards OUTLANDER SEASON 6 HAS LANDED VFX Producer - Michelle Rose SUSPICION (TAILSPIN - UK title) VFX Editor - Joseph Hart-Green No Time to Die nominated to the Oscars ACADEMY AWARDS 2022 Huge congrats to all the nominations! VES AWARDS 2022 FRAMESTORE TO HOST NETWORKING EVENT FOR PEOPLE OF COLOUR IN VFX VFX WIRE Meet the Producer: Gin Godden VFX WIRE Behind the Title: VFX Supervisor David Houghton POST PERSPECTIVE The VFX & Post Talent Agency adds six to roaster BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER The VFX & Post Talent Agency launches Futures scheme BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER New agency represents VFX & post talent POST MAGAZINE Harriet Donington Launches The VFX & Post Talent Agency ANIMATION WORLD NETWORK THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RINGS OF POWER S2 Clare Buxton (Co Producer) Dan McIntosh (Lead VFX Editor) Karen Payne (Post Consultant) CIVIL WAR in cinemas now Michelle Rose (VFX Producer) THE REGIME streaming on Sky Atlantic and Now TV. Basia Lalik (Co Producer) Sascha Dhillon (VFX Editor) SCOOP streaming on Netflix Kaley Edwards (VFX Producer) Chris Wilson (VFX Editor) SQUID GAME: THE CHALLENGE - RTS Award Winner Glenn Kelly (VFX Producer) KAOS coming soon to Netflix Neil Riley (VFX Supervising Producer) Emma Watterson (In-house VFX Producer - MISC) BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE in cinemas from 6 September Danny Salas (First Assistant Editor) THE WITCHER: BAFTA Nominee David Stephens (VFX Producer) SUPACELL streaming on Netflix from June Taylor Tulip-Close (VFX Supervisor) Michael Freedman (VFX Editor) Laura Roderick (VFX Producer) James Barham (Editor / Additional Editor) DOCTOR WHO streaming on Disney+ / BBC iPlayer from 11 May David Houghton (VFX Supervisor) A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW streaming on Paramount+ from 29 March Karen Payne (Co Producer) Judi Fleeton (Post Production Supervisor) GHOSTBUSTERS: FROZEN EMPIRE in cinemas from 22 March Monika Chowdhary Kuczynski (Associate VFX Producer) WE WERE THE LUCKY ONES streaming on Hulu from March 2024 Lucinda Keeler (VFX Producer) Oliver Cubbage (VFX Supervisor) THE MINISTRY OF UNGENTLEMANLY WARFARE in cinemas from April 2024 Tina Richardson Smith (VFX Editor) CONSTELLATION coming soon to Apple TV+ Jakub Chilczuk (VFX Producer) Doug Larmour (VFX Supervisor) VES AWARD NOMINEE: The Crown S6 Reece Ewing (VFX Producer) TRUE DETECTIVE: NIGHT COUNTRY streaming on Sky Atlantic & Now TV. Barney Curnow (VFX Supervisor) Jan Guilfoyle (VFX Producer) EMMY NOMINEE: TED LASSO James Mac (VFX Supervisor) CIVIL WAR in cinemas from April 2024 Michelle Rose (VFX Producer) NAPOLEON Sarah Tulloch (VFX Producer) Kaley Edwards (Additional VFX Producer) Jorge Cañada Escorihuela (VFX Consultant) CULPRITS streaming on Disney+ Sascha Dhillon (VFX Editor) Gin Godden (VFX Consultant) ​ LE RÈGNE ANIMAL (ANIMAL KINGDOM) Jean-Louis Autret (VFX Supervisor) ​ THE CROWN S6 streaming on Netflix Reece Ewing (VFX Producer) ​ Meet the VFX Producer- Roma Van Den Bergh Roma Van Den Bergh (VFX Producer) A HAUNTING IN VENICE in cinemas from 15/9/23 Gavin Gregory (VFX Producer) SEX EDUCATION S4 on Netflix from 21/9/23 Emma Watterson (VFX Production Manager) James Barham (Assembly Editor) GOOD OMENS S2 currently on Prime Video Ashley Mayse (Co Producer / VFX Producer) FOUNDATION S2 streaming on AppleTV+ Roma Van Den Bergh (VFX Producer) HEART OF STONE currently on Netflix Victoria McDowell (VFX Producer) THE VFX & POST TALENT AGENCY EXPANDS ITS POST PRODUCTION ROSTER The VFX & Post Talent Agency BLACK MIRROR - SEASON 6 Josie Henwood (VFX Producer) SILO Joseph Hart Green (Lead VFX Editor) BAFTA WINNER: HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Doug Larmour (on-set VFX Supervisor) Becky Roberts (DI Deliverables Associate Producer - Post Production Anne Akande (Additional VFX Producer - Post Production BAFTA NOMINATED: SANDMAN S1 Alex Reinach (VFX Producer) BAFTA NOMINATED: HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Doug Larmour (On set VFX Supervisor) CITADEL Alex Belgeonne (VFX Production Manager) ​ TETRIS Michelle Rose (VFX Producer) TRUE DETECTIVE: NIGHT COUNTRY Jan Guilfoyle (VFX Producer) Barney Curnow (VFX Supervisor) MATILDA THE MUSICAL: BAFTA NOMINATED BAFTA AWARDS 2023 BEAU IS AFRAID Jorge Cañada Escorihuela ( Creative Consultant & Sequence Producer & Supervisor) HIS DARK MATERIALS S3 Basia Lalik (Co Producer) THE HOUSE ON NETFLIX WINS EMMY Michael Freedman (VFX Editor) House of Dragon new trailer Doug Larmour (On Set VFX Supervisor) The Baby landed on HBOmax Anne Akande (VFX Producer) Clare Buxton (Post Producer) Doug Larmour (VFX Consultant) The First Lady streaming on Showtime Lucinda Keeler (VFX Producer) 'The Last Bus' releases on Netflix Anna Fuller-Clarke - VFX Editor Sean Farrow - VFX Consultant Taylor Tulip-Close - On-set VFX Supervisor Kev Cahill wins Best VFX with The Green Knight Irish Film and TV Academy (IFTA) INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2022 Happy IWD to and from the women of VPTA 'DEATH ON THE NILE' IN THEATRES VFX Coordinator - Atem Kuol RAISED BY WOLVES - Season 2 Additional VFX Supervisor - Sean Stranks No Time to Die nominated to the BAFTA 👏 BAFTA AWARDS 2022 SUPERSTAR SIX TO JOIN THE VFX & POST TALENT AGENCY UK SCREEN ALLIANCE VES nominee Tom Proctor on the VFX of LAST NIGHT IN SOHO VFX WIRE Behind the Title: Post Producer Karen Payne POST PERSPECTIVE Behind the Title: VFX Producer Roma Van Den Bergh POST PERSPECTIVE IWD: Celebrating women in VFX BROADCAST NOW Specialist VFX & Post Talent Agency Opens Up in London DIGITAL MEDIA WORLD New VFX and Post talent agency opens TELEVISUAL VFX and post-production talent agency opens BROADCAST NOW

  • FUTURES | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    Scheme "An increasing demand for VFX in film and TV has created a global shortage of people with the right skills and industry experience, it is our mission to inspire the next generation of talent to create a strong VFX & post workforce of the future. "We will invest in the next generation by developing an initiative to grow and develop their skills to ensure they’re equipped to handle the ever evolving industry challenges. We will support, mentor, guide and give young talent real industry opportunities and experience. " We are reviewing your applications Successful Candidates will be shown here CHICKEN RUN: DAWN OF THE NUGGET - AARDMAN ANIMATIONS AMONG THE SHADOWS - NOMENCLATURE FILM TO KNOW HIM - PENCIL TRICK PRODUCTIONS E VE B O LOTOVA view work Y O UNG WOMAN & THE SEA - DISNEY+ THE RIG S1 & 2 - AMAZON THE MARVELS - M ARVEL THE IRREGULARS - NETFLIX F IONA S T UART CL A RK view work THE UNION - NETFLIX THIRTEEN LIVES - MGM PENNYWORTH S2 - EPIX NEWS OF THE WORLD - UNIVERSAL ​ K ATH S M ITH view work GHOSTBUSTERS: FROZEN EMPIRE - S ONY PICTURES FATE: THE WINX SAGA S2 - NETFLIX UNTITLED 'SPECT AVERSE' PRO JECT - N ETFLIX ANANSI BOYS - AMAZON M ONIKA C H OWDHARY K U CZYNSKI view work HEADS OF STATE - AMAZON COYOTE V. ACME - W ARNER BROS. LOKI S2 - MARVEL / DISNEY+ WILLOW - LUCASFILM ​ A TEM K U OL view work GANGS OF LONDON S2 - SKY WEST SIDE STORY - 2 0TH CENTURY STUDIOS CRUELLA - D ISNEY MALEFICENT 2 - DISNEY ​ S TEPHEN W A LSH view work E NOLA HOLMES 1 & 2 - N ETFLIX DAMSEL - NETFLIX THE WITCHER S3 - N ETFLIX THE LAST DUEL - W ALT DISNEY G ARRY D A VID FR O ST view work THE AMATEUR - 20TH CENTURY STUDIOS TOXIC TOWN - N ETFLIX THE CROWN S4-6 - N ETFLIX THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS - WARNER BROS. ​ E LENA P A GLIEI view work ABOUT THE FUTURES SCHEME (we are not accepting applications at the moment) ​ The VFX & Post Talent Agency are proud to announce the launch of ‘‘Futures’, an initiative to help emerging VFX and post stars get onto the next rung of the career ladder. The Agency is looking for talent from VFX and post production backgrounds, who either want to transfer their skills production side or step-up from their current role. Candidates must be UK based with a couple of credits under their belt and lots of ambition. Each member of Futures will be offered representation, mentoring, career guidance, support, CV refinement, PR and active promotion. They will be listed on the website, be given salary and negotiation advice and be invited to all VPTA networking events. We are looking for either in-house of production side: VFX Coordinators, VFX Line Producers, VFX Production Managers, VFX Producer, VFX PA, VFX Editors, Data Wranglers, VFX Supervisors, Post Production Coordinators, Post Production Supervisors, Post PA. Please note we do not represent Digital Artists, Colour Graders, Post Technicians. ​

  • VFX Consultants

    VFX C O NSUL T ANTS Alex Belgeonne Associate / Jr VFX Producer & VFX Consultant - DAMSEL (Netflix) - CITADEL S1 (Amazon) - NO TIME TO DIE (EON) - MALEFICENT II (Walt Disney) Read More Earle Stuart Callender VFX Bidding Producer & VFX Consultant - MORBIUS (Marvel) - THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS (Warner Bros) - THE ELECTRICAL LIFE OF LOUIS WAIN (Amazon) Read More Jakub Cilczuk VFX Producer & VFX Consultant - THE WAR BETWEEN (Bad Wolf) - THE LOST SHTETL MUSEUM (Katahdin Productions) - CONSTELLATION (Apple+) - THE WHEEL OF TIME (Sony Pictures Television) Read More Jorge Cañada Escorihuela VFX Supervisor & VFX Consultant - NAPOLEON (Apple) - BEAU IS AFRAID (A24) - THE CROWN S1 & S4 (Netflix) - THE VIRTUES S1 (Warp Films) Read More Sarah Tulloch VFX Producer & VFX Consultant - NAPOLEON (Apple+) - SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS (Walt Disney) - CRUELLA (Disney+) - DEVS S1 (Hulu) Read More Sean Farrow VFX Supervisor & VFX Consultant - G20 (Amazon) - ANANSI BOYS (Amazon) - BEAUTY & THE BEAST (ABC) - SHANTARAM (Paramount TV) Read More

  • Post Consultants

    Post Consultants Cory McCrum Co Producer / Post Producer / Consultant - THE DAY OF THE JACKAL (Sky) - PENNYWORTH S2/S3 (HBO) - HOT AIR S2 (Epix / Warner Bros.) - ALEX STRANGELOVE (Netflix) Read More Karen Payne Co / Post Producer / Post Consultant - A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW (EONE) - OUTRAGEOUS (Firebird Pictures) - WILDERNESS (Amazon) - LOCKWOOD & CO S1 (Netflix) Read More

  • Cory McCrum

    Cory McCrum Co Producer / Post Producer / Consultant Cory is a post-production veteran working across film and HETV. With decades of experience Cory has experienced every aspect of post and actively participated on the front line as the industry has evolved. Starting her career in VFX and then moving into Editorial, Cory has enjoyed several stints as a studio post executive but her true calling has been as a Post Producer. Experienced, fearless, and wholly passionate about her work, Cory will fight for the best results possible, whilst navigating and managing every aspect of post. Resourceful, collaborative, kind-hearted and an all-round fabulous human being. View CV IMDB

  • VFX Supervisors

    VFX S UPE R VISORS Andrew Lim VFX Supervisor - PENNYWORTH S3 (Warner Bros. / HBO) - BILLIONS S6 (Showtime) -MAYDAY (Magnolia Pictures) -ZOLA (A24) Read More Barney Curnow VFX Supervisor - TRUE DETECTIVE: NIGHT COUNTRY (HBO) - AVENUE 5 S1 & S2 (HBO) - OUTSIDE THE WIRE (Netflix) - BRITANNIA S2 (Sky) Read More Dave Houghton VFX Supervisor - DOCTOR WHO (Disney / Bad Wolf) - BATGIRL (Warner Bros.) - FATE: THE WINX SAGA S2 (Netflix) - GOOD OMENS 2 (Amazon) Read More Doug Larmour VFX Supervisor - CONSTELLATION (Apple TV+) - HOUSE OF THE DRAGON (HBO ) -WHEEL OF TIME S1 (Amazon) -THE ALIENIST: ANGEL OF DARKNESS (TNT) Read More Eve Blotova VFX On-Set PA & Junior Data Wrangler - CHICKEN RUN: DAWN OF THE NUGGET (Aardman Animations) - AMONG THE SHADOWS (Nomenclature Film) - TO KNOW HIM (Pencil Trick Productions) Read More James Mac VFX Supervisor - HAVEN GREEN (Netflix / Broke and Bones) - TED LASSO S2 & S3 (Apple TV+) - WICKED SCIENCE S2 (ABC) - AUDI (Mill+) Read More Jean Louis-Autret VFX Supervisor - ERIC (Netflix / Sister Pictures) - LE REGNE ANIMAL (Nord-Ouest Films) - AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS (BBC) - UNE ILE (Arte) Read More Jorge Cañada Escorihuela VFX Supervisor - ARGYLLE (AppleTV+) - BEAU IS AFRAID (A24) - THE CROWN S1 & S4 (Netflix) - THE VIRTUES S1 (Warp Film) Read More Neil Riley VFX Supervisor - KAOS (Sister Pictures / Netflix) - DISCOVERY OF WITCHES - S3 (Sky TV) - BLACK MIRROR S2 S4 S5 (Netflix) - DIARY OF ANNE FRANK (Netflix) Read More Oliver Cubbage VFX Supervisor - WE WERE THE LUCKY ONES (Disney) - FIRST ASCENT (20th Century Studio) - THREE PINES S1 (Amazon) - THE MIDNIGHT SKY (Netflix) Read More Sean Farrow VFX Supervisor & Consultant - G20 (Amazon) - ANANSI BOYS (Amazon) - BEAUTY & THE BEAST (ABC) - SHANTARAM (Paramount TV) Read More Stephen Coren VFX Supervisor - THE RIG S1 & S2 (Amazon) - A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES S2 (Sky) - MORTAL (42) - REDEMPTION (Lionsgate) Read More Taylor Tulip-Close VFX Supervisor - SUPACELL (Netflix) - THE PENTAVERATE S1 (Netflix) - THE LAST BUS (Netlfix) - THE AERONAUTS (Amazon) Read More Theo Demiris VFX Supervisor - BLITZ (Apple+) - THE MOTHERSHIP (Netflix) - MUNICH: THE EDGE OF WAR (Netflix) - WE ARE WHO WE ARE S1 (HBO) Read More

  • Gin Godden | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    G in G o dden A courageous and explorative Producer, Gin’s career evolved from event management to producing music videos and animation to becoming a VFX Producer for commercials and interactive and experiential projects. Adaptable, motivational, collaborative and always keen to engage with new tools and technology. When we first joined forces, we positioned Gin as the VFX Production Manager on S3 of Britannia (Sky), leaving the door open to step up to VFX Producer. Within months Gin was promoted to VFX Producer earning her stripes and bringing a new wave of confidence. Gin is an incredible and inspirational talent. Not only is she a phenomenal emerging VFX Producer, but also a XVFX Co-Leader and a Non-Executive Board Member at Access. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Clare Buxton

    < Back Clare Buxton Co Producer / Post Producer With over 20 years post-production experience Clare has built a phenomenal reputation for delivering complex, VFX heavy, high-end TV series for UK and US studios. Incredibly well-connected, Clare has the resources and expertise to look after every aspect of post from hiring crew, setting up pipelines to mastering the ever-evolving list of broadcast deliverables. A brilliant problem solver, creative, pragmatic, steadfast and hard-working – complemented by a quirky sense of humour and enthusiasm. View CV IMDB Previous Next

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