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  • Gavin Gregory | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    G avin G r egory A highly experienced, versatile VFX Producer, Gavin is creatively minded and super organised. He brings a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to the table. With almost 2 decades of in-house and production experience he is highly qualified to handle all aspects of VFX from script breakdown to final delivery. Equally adept in problem solving small budget projects requiring creative solutions, as well as big budget productions needing strategy and structure. Gavin is a calm, pragmatic and an all-round fantastic chap. View CV Check Availability IMDB Pro

  • Charlotte Loughnane | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    C harlotte L o ughnane With 20 years facility experience, predominantly in senior management and executive producer roles at DNEG and MPC, Charlotte is phenomenal at managing and overseeing VFX production. From initial script breakdown to final delivery Charlotte uses extraordinary judgement and skill to navigate VFX teams and resources. She is a brilliant communicator, skilful decision-maker and proactive trouble shooter. Not only has Charlotte overseen the VFX production and workflow on multiple award-winning films, but she has also set up VFX studios in Singapore and Mumbai. Charlotte is hugely ambitious, resourceful, intelligent, and fabulous. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Joseph Hart Green | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    J oseph H a rt Gr e en Starting his career as an in-house VFX Editor Joseph earnt his stripes working at several leading VFX vendors. Joseph got his break production side on the brilliant TV series Black Mirror and has thrived ever since. His meticulous and organised work ethic has made Joseph popular with Editorial and VFX departments, often returning for repeat business. He is highly proficient in Avid and various other industry software and has his own bespoke VFX editing database. Hardworking, diligent, and creative – Joseph is an all-round fabulous chap. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Josie Henwood | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    J osie H e nwood Josie is an unassuming, hardworking, meticulous, calm, dependable, brilliant VFX Producer. Learning her trade and rising up the ranks on tent-pole VFX films she’s highly capable and a bright emerging star within the industry. Her first role as VFX Producer came in the form of the TV series Brave New World. Josie is articulate and passionate about the projects she works on and she always gives 100%. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Roma Van Den Bergh | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    R oma V a n Den Be r gh Roma is a dynamic, experienced, smart, creative VFX Producer and a well-respected member of the VFX community. Her can-do, positive attitude is a steadfast driving force, which has delivered numerous films and TV series. Roma has a vast technical knowledge and is well versed in VFX rebates and finances, seeing it first hand from both the facility and production side. Prior to becoming a VFX Producer Roma was Head of Production and Executive Producer at Pixomondo, The Mill and Rainmaker. Back in the day this incredible trailblazer was also Head of Production at the Jim Henson Creature Shop. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Victoria Keeling | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    V ictoria K e eling Starting her career as an in-house PA at the (fabulously named) VFX facility Men-from-Mars, Victoria escalated the ranks and leaving the company as a VFX Producer to go production side as VFX Coordinator. Earning her stripes working on multiple VFX blockbusters as the VFX Production Manager / Supervisor, she finally got her break to VFX Producer on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Victoria is a phenomenal talent -calm, pragmatic, technical and whip smart. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Wendy Garfinkle | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    W endy G a rfinkle Wendy emanates for a facility background learning her trade at various New York and LA vendors. She caught her break production side on the TV series Kings and never looked back. Her stellar work on The Alienist, earned her, her first Emmy win for Outstanding SVFX in a Supporting Role. Wendy has worked across film and TV and is uniquely positioned to take on either platform. Wendy is meticulous, energetic, realistic, ingenious and delightful. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Ashley Mayse | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    A shley M a yse Emmy nominated for ‘Outstanding Supporting VFX’ for her efforts on 11.22.63 and Daredevil Season 1, she brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. An innovative thinker, a skilled eye for visual storytelling, a keen collaborator teamed with steadfast determination makes her a phenomenal VFX Producer. Coming from the US, Ashley is the holder of a Tier One Global Talent Visa and is looking to establish herself on this side of the pond. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Doug Larmour | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    D oug L a rmour Doug is an Emmy winning VFX Supervisor who spent 20 years learning his trade and rising through the ranks at MPC. He left his role of Global Head of Compositing in 2017 whereby he joined the creative VFX facility One of Us as VFX Supervisor. Doug worked as the in-house VFX Supervisor on season 1 of The Alienist (TNT) and impressed the production so much he was offered the role of overall VFX Supervisor on season 2. Doug is hugely experienced, technical, creative and pragmatic. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Dan Mclntosh | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    D an M c Intosh Dan is a disciplined and organised VFX Editor who has worked across film and TV. He brings with him a wealth of experience and a bespoke (FileMaker) VFX editing database, which feeds into the VFX pipeline. A master of Avid and with a BA Honors in Animation, Dan is well placed to wrangle even the most complex and demanding productions. Not only is Dan hugely talented, he’s eclectic, diligent, smart and wholly passionate about what he does. View CV Check Availability IMDB