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  • CONTACT | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    Harriet Donington - Agent E: harriet M: +44 (0)7 90 41 89 107 ​ Sam Naismith - Accounts E: accounts ​ Marsha Jennings - PA & Junior Agent E: marsha ​ General Enquires & Futures Scheme E: info ​ ​

  • Alex Belgeonne | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    A lex B e lgeonne Alex is a brilliant emerging VFX Producer. Starting her career as VFX PA on Wrath of the Titans (Warner Bros), her drive, ambition and integrity has propelled her up the ranks, absorbing invaluable knowledge and experience from the best talent in the industry. Working production side throughout her career Alex is a master at running shoots, organising VFX production and collaborating with HoDs. She has supported several fantastic VFX Producers, learning the ropes and honing her skill-set. Alex is highly capable, has an incredible eye for details, is diplomatic, pragmatic, knowledgeable, and an all-round fabulous human being. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • David Stephens | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    D avid S t ephens It is an unusual transition from VFX Editor to VFX Producer but in David’s case it was a perfect synergy. Working as a VFX Editor David gain invaluable experienced in previz, postviz, shot design, database management, VFX pipeline and turnovers. His acute attention to details, technical knowledge and resourcefulness has benefited him hugely in the role of VFX Producer. Impressing the Producers so much on the BBC series World on Fire they asked him to step into the role of VFX Producer for VFX Editor. David then went on to be the Associate VFX Producer on A Boy Called Christmas (Blueprint / Netflix) and has not looked back. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Kev Cahill | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    K ev C a hill Kev brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Starting his VFX career as a Data Wrangler he has earned his stripes supporting and working with world class VFX talent on an extensive range of film and HETV. Employed as the overall VFX Supervisor or On-Set Supervisor his creativity, passion, and technical know-how has earned him an excellent reputation, and respect from his peers. Kev is versatile, hardworking, pragmatic, energetic and a fabulous addition to any production team. Kev is Irish and holds a UK / EU passport. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Gavin Gregory | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    G avin G r egory A highly experienced, versatile VFX Producer, Gavin is creatively minded and super organised. He brings a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to the table. With almost 2 decades of in-house and production experience he is highly qualified to handle all aspects of VFX from script breakdown to final delivery. Equally adept in problem solving small budget projects requiring creative solutions, as well as big budget productions needing strategy and structure. Gavin is a calm, pragmatic and an all-round fantastic chap. View CV Check Availability IMDB Pro

  • Victoria Keeling | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    V ictoria Mc D owell Starting her career as an in-house PA at the (fabulously named) VFX facility Men-from-Mars, Victoria escalated the ranks and leaving the company as a VFX Producer to go production side as VFX Coordinator. Earning her stripes working on multiple VFX blockbusters as the VFX Production Manager / Supervisor, she finally got her break to VFX Producer on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Victoria is a phenomenal talent -calm, pragmatic, technical and whip smart. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Stephen Coren | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    S tephen C o ren Stephen is a highly experienced VFX Supervisor combining practical on set, VFX production side and in-house knowledge . Stephen's creative leadership is both pragmatic and technical. He is a real driving force, delivering world class VFX whilst collaborating across a wide range of platforms. Starting his career as a 3D Artist, Stephen has worked for many of the leading VFX vendors around the world. His versatility has seen him set up and run a boutique facility delivering VFX on 100s of blue-chip commercials. He’s worked in various senior creative positions and HoD roles across film and TV. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • FUTURES | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    Scheme "An increasing demand for VFX in film and TV has created a global shortage of people with the right skills and industry experience, it is our mission to inspire the next generation of talent to create a strong VFX & post workforce of the future. "We will invest in the next generation by developing an initiative to grow and develop their skills to ensure they’re equipped to handle the ever evolving industry challenges. We will support, mentor, guide and give young talent real industry opportunities and experience. " We are reviewing your applications Successful Candidates will be shown here view work AMONG THE SHADOWS - NOMENCLATURE FILM TO KNOW HIM - PENCIL TRICK PRODUCTIONS BUTTERCUP - BBC ARTS 20,000 REASONS - FILM LONDON MICROWAVE E VE B O LOTOVA view work YOUNG WOMAN & THE SEA - DISNEY+ THE RIG - AMAZON THE MARVELS - MARVEL THE IRREGULARS - NETFLIX F IONA S T UART-CL A RK . view work WILLOW - LUCASFILM DEATH ON THE NILE - 20th CENTURY FOX REBECCA - NETFLIX ARTEMIX FOWL - DISNEY A TEM K U OL . view work OUR MAN FROM JERSEY - NETFLIX THIRTEEN LIVES - MGM PENNYWORTH S2 - EPIX NEWS OF THE WORLD - UNIVERSAL . K ATH S M ITH view work GANGS OF LONDON S2 SKY WEST SIDE STORY- 20TH CENTURY CRUELLA DISNEY MALEFICENT 2 DISNEY . S TEPHEN W A LSH view work THE LITTLE MERMAID - DISNEY GREYHOUND - APPLETV+ CHRISTOPHER ROBIN - DISNEY MALEFICENT 2 DISNEY . S TELLA G O ULART ABOUT THE FUTURES SCHEME (we are not accepting applications at the moment) ​ The VFX & Post Talent Agency are proud to announce the launch of ‘‘Futures’, an initiative to help emerging VFX and post stars get onto the next rung of the career ladder. The Agency is looking for talent from VFX and post production backgrounds, who either want to transfer their skills production side or step-up from their current role. Candidates must be UK based with a couple of credits under their belt and lots of ambition. Each member of Futures will be offered representation, mentoring, career guidance, support, CV refinement, PR and active promotion. They will be listed on the website, be given salary and negotiation advice and be invited to all VPTA networking events. We are looking for either in-house of production side: VFX Coordinators, VFX Line Producers, VFX Production Managers, VFX Producer, VFX PA, VFX Editors, Data Wranglers, VFX Supervisors, Post Production Coordinators, Post Production Supervisors, Post PA. Please note we do not represent Digital Artists, Colour Graders, Post Technicians. ​

  • Jan Guilfoyle| The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    J an G u ilfoyle A highly motivated and organised VFX Producer, Jan earned his stripes at BlueBolt where he joined as a PA on the 1st season of Game of Thrones. Over the years Jan mastered the skills of in-house VFX Producer and ultimately worked on behalf of the production on several single vendor shows, including the BAFTA-nominated (Best Special Visual Effects) series War and Peace (BBC). With a thorough knowledge of the creative and technical process, expert scheduling and budgeting skills and a great eye for detail, Jan bring a wealth of experience to the table. View CV Check Availability IMDB

  • Taylor Tulip-Close | The VFX & Post Talent Agency

    T aylor T u lip-Cl o se Spending the last 15+ years working as a Lead Data Wrangler and On-Set Supervisor it was a natural trajectory for Taylor to step into the role as VFX Supervisor. Starting his career as a Stills Photographer on the Harry Potter franchise, he quickly transitioned into the role of Data Wrangler. Taylor has worked with some of the best VFX crews on an array of blockbusters and HETV series gaining invaluable skills and experience. Having more than earned his stripes Taylor stepped up to the role of Overall VFX Supervisor on the Mike Myers series, The Pentaverate for Netflix. Taylor is an energetic, pragmatic, and hardworking talent with a great eye for detail and phenomenal production experience. Taylor has dual UK and Canadian citizenship and is happy to travel. View CV Check Availability IMDB